Friends of the Public Library
of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

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Donating Books

Don’t add to landfills by throwing out your unwanted reading material, tapes and videos. Instead, donate your gently used books, cassettes, CDs or DVDs to The Friends. These gifts will not only replenish our stock of merchandise for sale but also will recycle the items to other people for their enjoyment and benefit.

Fiction and non-fiction books in good condition (no torn pages, broken spines or markings in the text), whether hardback or paperback, are welcome additions to The Friends’ supply of sale items. We also are grateful for any useable CDs, audio tapes, record albums and books-on-tape, as well as DVDs and video tapes.

We can not accept condensed books, used textbooks, magazines, or encyclopedias older than five years.

It’s easy to give items to The Friends:

Turn your used books, cassettes and tapes into Library programs and activities by donating them to The Friends!